Welchia virus

  Wulfrune 21:11 09 Nov 03

Over the last few weeks I've got myself the dreaded Welchia virus a couple of times, and no doubt the pre pubesant prick who wrote it would like to know what a great inconveinence this has cause me. All that said, what I can't understand is: 1) How's it getting past my Norton Pro AV 2) Why is it switching it off when it does and 3) Why was it when I came to reload Windows XP and d load their patches... THEN put on the new Norton pro AV does it tell me that I've gone and got the Welchia again... My brain hurts... please help.
Oh and yes I p2p

  Mike. 21:29 09 Nov 03

It may be hiding in the system restore files, disable system restore and then run av program again.

  The Lights Are On 21:38 09 Nov 03

You need to be patched or have a firewall running before you venture onto the net, you may have got infected downloading the patches to prevent the infection, mad I know but it happened to a relative recently.

Download the 9 meg Microsoft XP Rollup King of all patches from Windows update which you can save to prevent this happening again. If you need to reinstall XP again you can apply critical patches up to October 20th 03 without going on the net.

  The Lights Are On 21:44 09 Nov 03

http ://click here

Remove the space between http & : & pastew into IE to get the rollup patch.

  The Lights Are On 21:47 09 Nov 03


Ok, add http blaa blaa www. before the microsoft bit and paste.

There was posts on how to aadd Microsoft links on here once so someone brighter than me will no doubt sort it.

  Shanks69 21:51 09 Nov 03

I know XP does - is it switched on/and/or any good ?

Do you have any other firewall ?

  Wulfrune 20:00 28 Nov 03

THANKS m(..)m

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