Weird PC problems - memory related?

  dvdcompare 12:03 12 Jan 09

My Mum's PC, running Windows 2000 Professional, won't boot. When you turn it on, it just beeps and doesn't even get to the very first booting screen.

I tried removing things one by one and it turns out it could be memory related. I removed it and re-inserted it and the PC booted correctly. However now there are problems whilst using Windows. Error messages come up relating to "explorer.exe" and it randomly crashes. Firefox also crashes.

All of these problems happened since I installed Firefox (it is Windows 2000). Surely this wouldn't have caused it would it? I installed it because the PC wouldn't print from Internet Explorer or Outlook Express so went to Firefox instead.

Can memory just stop working or go a bit funny? I noticed it doesn't check the memory upon boot-up now?

Is this all memory related and/or PSU related? I am thinking it is memory.


  Marko797 12:09 12 Jan 09

uninstalling firefox, and see what happens? You mention that your probs started since installing FF. I can't comment on FF however, or the impact it might have, as I use IE.

  dvdcompare 12:13 12 Jan 09

I will try that but I can't imagine Firefox would stop the machine from booting originally would it?

  Marko797 12:17 12 Jan 09

but u stated that 'All of these problems happened since I installed Firefox', so that has to be the starting point, surely, as part of the elimination process?

  dvdcompare 13:36 12 Jan 09

Okay I will give that a go next weekend and report back!

  Bris 20:25 14 Jan 09

I think you have a faulty memory module.

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