Weird E-mail

  Macaonasa 21:31 26 Jan 04

Recently, I have received e-mails in which I am not the sender nor the recipient. They are not SPAM; the participants are involved in European politics and one party is arranging the visit of a Euro MP to a conference here in N. Ireland. The only date on the e-mail is 25 Oct 01.

I wonder if this is the e-mail equivalent of crossed lines? I remember that recently a man received details of British budget plans in an e-mail not addressed to him.

  Valvegrid 21:37 26 Jan 04

I would just delete them, its the responsibility of the sender to make sure they have the right address, not only that you never know what will happen if you respond to them, you may get a flood of spam!

  Macaonasa 21:42 26 Jan 04

I am not the addressee - the Euro Mp is.

  accord 21:47 26 Jan 04

set up a message rule to have it deleted automatically if you receive it again.

you can do this in OE, outlook by going to 'tools' , 'rules and alerts'

  Valvegrid 21:50 26 Jan 04

It might be BCC to you

  Macaonasa 21:59 26 Jan 04

I don't mind receiving them - you never know what tasty morsel may turn up.

  Valvegrid 22:01 26 Jan 04

Don't keep it a secret from us then will you :-)

  Macaonasa 22:19 26 Jan 04


  Macaonasa 22:19 26 Jan 04


  VoG II 22:19 26 Jan 04

Check your diary - you may be supposed to be in Strasburg or Brussels.

  Macaonasa 22:21 26 Jan 04

I haven't got my 2001 diary.

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