Weird box with question marks on loading cd

  ray27 11 Jan 12

I have just got a Yamaha psr 190 and with the instruction manual there was a Accessory CD FOR WINDOWS I have a lap top and a desk top both with windows XP When I insert the CD into the desk top which has 2 dvd/cd players a weird box pops up with a load of question marks in it and a box marked OK I click on the OK and it closes down and that's as far as I can go

Both the DVD/CD players are OK with other disks it appears its only this one that has a problem If I load the CD onto the lap top there is no problem and it opens the menu of the CD can anyone give ma a pointer as to the problem

When I try to open the CD via my computer I can see the install file Start.exe but when I click on this I get the same box with all the question marks in it any help would be most appreciated as usual Cheers Ray

  robin_x 11 Jan 12

Try right click start.exe "Run As Administrator"

  Terry Brown 11 Jan 12

It could be that the software in your desktop is not suitable for this software or you may have software / Hardware (virus checkers /firewall) that are blocking the installation.


  ray27 11 Jan 12

Both the computers are set up the same The start.exe file is a macromedia file and as far as I am aware I thought I thought I was registered as the administrator on both computers as you suggested to right click and open as administrator where do I right click to do this?

  ray27 11 Jan 12

I think I have solved the problem I had to use the compatibility option and selected windows 95 and it opened ok with this thanks for the help cheers Tay


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