Websites too make us look old or so too speak

  RobCharles1981 20:05 11 May 06

I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that we could upload a picture and see what we would look like in 30 years time!!?

Anyone know of this ???

  De Marcus™ 20:22 11 May 06
  bluto1 22:31 11 May 06

Look mate, I look old and ugly enough now without frightening myself to death with such a picture. On reflection, if I were to pin it to the photo board in my local, would they know who it is going to be?

  Stuartli 23:48 11 May 06

I'd be dead...:-)

But such a photo could, perhaps, be used to frighten naughty children...

  RobCharles1981 23:52 11 May 06


I thought of this just for fun read on the news or in the paper that a university launched a website where you could up load a mug shot of our selfs and we could see what we would look in that time

Any Found a link for us too try ??

  Enoch 05:59 12 May 06


Spend time with a PC without virus protection and you will age pretty quickly

  €dstowe 06:30 12 May 06

What we really need is a program that does the reverse of what you are requesting.

  Enoch 06:11 15 May 06

Look what was in the BBC News web page today: click here

  GroupFC 08:53 15 May 06

Very scary!! - I don't think I'll be sending them my photo but the wife's.......

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