Websites blocked using IE6 and AOL

  terryf 01:25 06 Sep 06

Helping a friend who is recently widowed and left with a laptop, she is trying to access a number of sites but is blocked from one Building Society site, any suggestions please, Windows firewall, AOL (any spyware downloaded has been accepted as part of AOL package, I haven't had time yet to investigate it) AVG Free (but I know that doesn't block sites). She can access other banking sites OK. IE security levels are not set high

  MichelleC 11:55 06 Sep 06

One suggestion is to look in 'hosts' file (do a search and open it - this is where any blocked sites are found).

  terryf 13:47 06 Sep 06

Ok, I will look at hosts file next time I see her. I fear I shall have to spend some time analysing what 'rubbish' has been set up on her machine, Winxp hadn't been updated for about 28 downloads, Norton subscrition was well out-of-date (replaced by AVG Free now). By default various'anti-this and that ' have been downloaded from AOL by 'panic' clicking of acceptance buttons, I daren't, at the moment, do a clean install because 1. it's not my machine, 2. No windows cd just recovery (Toshiba).
Never mind, these things are sent to occupy our tiny minds and with the help of the forum 'We shall suceed':-)

  FUl2tiV3 14:09 06 Sep 06

there was a small update/install available from aol for access to some secure pages
remember had to install it to access my online bank
can't remember exctly when/why had to do it
but i know i did
think it might have been when the router/adsl modem was introduced
go to live help/tech chat on aol and ask
if the page is secure, then it might be that

  terryf 20:20 07 Sep 06

For some reason, on my visit today, we managed to log in OK. The only thing different was that a visit had been made to the local branch and the login tried there, whether the original problem was due to the bld soc server, we shall never know so i will tick as resolved

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