website transfer problems FTP issues

  athenrye 17:13 23 Feb 14

I use a programme called Netobjects Fusion, I was using version 11 and after updating windows 8 to 8.1 I stated to get issues publishing my files to the web space, so I upgraded at great cost to Netobjects fusion 2013 and I'm using a new design site and not corrupted the new programme with my old sites and im still getting the same issue...

design and local publish the sites are fine, when FTP starts to publish it hangs at a low 2% and then I get a warning that files failed to publish...

I cant go back to windows 8, seems very hard as ive not back ups etc

im not up to speed with FTP as NOF does it for you behind closed doors, would I be able to FTP with another programme, how would I do that?

ive asked NOF for help but nothing yet, cant find a fix so far, it does seem a NOF and win 8.1 conflict...

  athenrye 16:27 24 Feb 14

No expert FTP people on to have a look at this?

I have tied a stand alone FTP client winscp to publish the files, it kept timeing out, transferred them over but nothing changed, what am I doing wrong, this is driving me nuts...

  Woolwell 17:10 24 Feb 14

Which ftp program does your host advise using? They should have guidance on the ftp settings to use. I guess that the ftp settings are incorrect.

  athenrye 19:36 24 Feb 14

thanks woolwell, but ive used the programme internal ftp to virgin web space and compila webspace, and my settings haven't changed

ive also used Winscp a stand alone ftp and got serious issues with that as well

its driving me round the bend...

  Woolwell 20:01 24 Feb 14

Long shot but try briefly turning off your firewall.

  athenrye 20:15 24 Feb 14

thanks woolwell, but it didn't work, still stalled...

  Woolwell 20:25 24 Feb 14

Another long shot - reboot your router.

  athenrye 23:54 24 Feb 14


oh i'm a very happy man...

ive turned off windows firewall and AVG and the website has bow published no probs at all... eventually got it done

click here which one was it, firewall or AVG, both were updated over the last few weeks windows to 8.1 and AVG an upgrade, everything was fine before that

the thing is I need to switch them back on now, whats the fix?


  athenrye 23:59 24 Feb 14

it was my anti Virus AVG, whats the fix, change virus protection?

can you open a port or something in AVG?

  Woolwell 10:13 25 Feb 14

Good news. I wonder if the delay caused by AVG scanning the outgoing data was the problem? It may be a good idea to remove AVG and try another anti-virus program.

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