Website in Publisher 2007 - page and Image Numberi

  jonmac 16 Jan 10

I've had a small website for 10 years, originally created in Publisher 97 thro' 2003 and now into 2007. The problem is when I add a page in the 2007 version and publish it to a folder on my HD the page numbers for the next 12 pages, instead of going from index, page2, page3 etc are numbered randomly from page372 to page 3973. Similarly images are from image258 to image 35972!!
Can anyone help me in changing this. I haven't time to change software as part of the solution.

  jonmac 16 Jan 10

Further to the above I created a new 5 page test site and the same thing happens. Strange.

  Forum Editor 16 Jan 10

and I confess I haven't any idea what might be wrong. You obviously realise that Publisher is really not very good at websites - in fact it's dreadful - but in view of your final sentence I'll not say more.

Perhaps someone else will have an idea about how to rectify the problem.

  jonmac 16 Jan 10

Thanks FA. Yes, I'm aware of the antipathy to Publisher but it was all I had available back in 2000 and to be fair it has done the job. But maybe I've got to bite the bullet. I do have access to Dreamweaver but that's too steep a learning curve for the week I have available so maybe its got to be Net Objects Fusion 8 on an old mag disk? Any port in a storm eh?

  Forum Editor 17 Jan 10

will be just fine - you'll build an excellent site with it in far less than a week, I'm sure, and you can always come here for help and advice if you need to.

  jonmac 17 Jan 10

Thanks FA. It turns out that the old mag disk needs a serial number which must have been in the mag. which is long gone so I've downloaded the "lite" version from their site so here goes.
Thanks again.


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