Website to prompt Storing Passwords

  Woody Ham 07 Apr 13

Is there a way of inviting viewers of the web site to store their password automatically. I thought this facility was a function of one's browser but can I code something to ask people if they want it saved.

  Forum Editor 08 Apr 13

Think about it.

You're saying that you want to ask people if they want you to save the passwords they have set up to access something on your site. Why would you want to do that? You must save the passwords, otherwise how will your site know when someone enters one correctly?

User passwords are saved in a database, and your site uses an authentication protocol to check an entered password against the list on the server. Users can't say 'no, I don't want my password saved' can they?

  Woody Ham 08 Apr 13

Sorry - I worded my post badly. Of course we have the passwords saved.

What I am seeking to do is help members so that the password is automatically inserted by their machines when they log in: it would save them looking up and then typing in the password each time. The membership is not generally computer savvy and I was looking to make their life easier. Sorry for the confusion. Hope this is clearer.

  fourm member 09 Apr 13

Surely browsers offer this facility and, I think, it is turned on by default. So someone not that IT literate will not have to do anything and the browser will ask if they want the password saved.

  Forum Editor 09 Apr 13

Thanks for the clarification. fourm member has made the point here - browsers offer to save passwords and auto-enter them.

Offering to auto-enter passwords via a web server is an insecure practice.


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