Website Process Reporter

  ArrGee 23:12 15 Nov 09

When I go onto a website (any site), I am looking to generate a report as to what the site is doing on a step-by-step basis.

Ideally some software that will allow me to analyse any code being executed before I allow the next step to continue.

This is not regarding viruses, spyware, etc., but more for learning processes.

Any ideas?

  woodchip 23:28 15 Nov 09

I always thought that if the Code was not right when you visit it would throe up a error message. But don't ask me as I have not done nothing with Web designing

  ArrGee 23:32 15 Nov 09

Well, you're right woodchip, but I'm not looking for errors, and I'm not looking at any sites of my own.

I'm looking at other sites, where links are processed in such a way that I wish to emulate.

  woodchip 10:24 16 Nov 09

They may not allow you to look at there work. Like Encrypting it

  woodchip 10:25 16 Nov 09

Only way to do what you want is hacking, something that most of us do not approve of

  ArrGee 11:31 16 Nov 09

Nope, it's not hacking. No need to hack (which I haven't a clue on anyway!)

I used an application called a 'sniffer', which simply looks at the processes your PC goes through whilst surfing.

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