Website photographs - help

  ianeon 06:10 07 Jun 08

Sometimes when I access a website such as the BBC, or any of the national newspapers, where a photograph should be, there are the letters "AL7.0" - Can anyone tell why this should be and how do I get to see the photographs - Thank you

  johnnyrocker 07:58 07 Jun 08

are you on aol by any chance?


  Snec 08:06 07 Jun 08

Do you use Avid Liquid?

  ianeon 08:12 07 Jun 08

I'm not on AOL.
I don't use Avid Liquid.
Thank you for your interest in my problem

  Technotiger 08:14 07 Jun 08

I reckon Snec is definitely on the right track.

  Technotiger 08:17 07 Jun 08

AL7.0 (which is normally associated with Avid Liquid) can also be associated with other Video editing software, such as Pinnacle's Studio series.
If you use any Video editing software, this may be where your AL7.0 is coming from!

  Technotiger 09:10 07 Jun 08

You could also check your Settings as follows - in IE Tools>Internet Options>Advanced under Multimedia check that all the boxes are ticked, except 'Enable image toolbar' and 'Show image download placeholders'.

  ianeon 09:19 08 Jun 08

Technotiger - Thank you - I tried that, but sadly it made no difference

  Technotiger 13:41 08 Jun 08

Of course, it could be that the sites in question could be at fault - it would not surprise me to learn that those like the BBC for instance, possibly use Avid Liquid, a very expensive program.

  Technotiger 13:48 08 Jun 08

Also, does it happen with other sites showing photographs? Here is a good example, loads and loads of photographs, (Just happens they are all, or mostly all, taken by my son Steve.) click here

  ianeon 07:53 09 Jun 08

Technotiger - TY - tried that site, all the pics are shown - I think that I'll just live with the problem - Its not the end of the world - lol - Thank you for your help.

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