Website looks different in IE to FF

  Ade_1 16:12 09 Aug 06

Hi, I know this can happen and I know there are ways around it.

The site isnt mine, its one I have done for someone but if you view it in FF then in IE you will be able to see the differences...

Differences :
- Yellow underline isnt appearing when hovering over a link

- The pictures have no space at the top of them so they look as though they are attached to the navigation.

If there is anyway I can solve these problems it woudl be greatly appriciated if you could inform me :)

Thanks in advance


Website - click here

  Ade_1 16:21 09 Aug 06

woops, i forgot to mention that the differences are in IE.

  PurplePenny 22:01 09 Aug 06

the differences are in IE. Nothing to do with personal preference: Opera and Firefox both agree on the way this page is displayed so IE is the odd one out.

The yellow underline won't work in IE6 because it doesn't support hover.

  Eric10 22:32 09 Aug 06

For the lack of a space under the navigation bar in IE...
In the head you have some code just for IE "* html #underlinenav ul{ /*IE only rule. Delete extra margin-bottom*/
margin-bottom: 0;
If you cange the margin-bottom from 0 to 5 you get the space in IE without effecting the other browsers.

  PurplePenny 21:29 10 Aug 06

But when IE7 comes out and is fed to that same majority as an automatic update they will suddenly be seeing web pages much the same way as FF and Opera users.

The answer is to design to standards and get it looking right in a standards compliant browser then put in the IE specific hacks (as Ade has already done and Eric has refined) or IE conditional statements; then once IE7 comes out the hacks will still work in IE6 but not in 7 and the conditionals can just be rewritten slightly to make them IE6 specific.

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