website and is it geniune

  Jameslayer 21:13 20 Jun 11

How do you tell if a website is genuine. I recently ordered off here which is the spare parts supplier for Beko.

I found it by googling Beko then following their website link. Wot gave the a good rating. Then the website it took me to was unrated by wot but by clicking on the picture thing in the url box it was verified by something by clicking on the little pic in url box.

  recap 21:41 20 Jun 11

How to tell a fake web site:

  birdface 21:48 20 Jun 11

Top one looks a bit iffy.beko-spares.

Bottom one looks ok.

I don't think that I would order anything from the top one.

  Simsy 08:40 21 Jun 11

The top one, beko-spares, is actually linked to from the site...

It's a link on this page;

with the words to the link being; "spare parts distributor website."

So I wouldn't be concerned about it.



  birdface 09:12 21 Jun 11

Or easy spares .link text

Just wondered why the difference in names.

Same company different name.

  birdface 09:16 21 Jun 11

Company text

  Jameslayer 13:57 24 Jun 11

Thanks I wasnt concerned concerned about the site as i followed the beko link to it. Then it dawned on me how do i know the Beko was the geniune website.

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