This website and IE9

  ams4127 06 Apr 12

For some strange reason the box for posting questions or replies has suddenly "lost" the formatting/website link ability. There is nothing there.

Everything is as it should be in Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Blue Moon and Safari. It is only IE9 which seems to be affected.

Anyone got any ideas?

  rdave13 06 Apr 12

It's OK for me now but they have disappeared for me at times. I just use the compatibility mode when this happens. Win7 64-bit IE9.

  ams4127 06 Apr 12

Thanks rdave. Unfortunately it makes no difference.

I would have put your name in "bold"

  simonjary 06 Apr 12

Anyone else getting this problem?

  Forum Editor 06 Apr 12

From time to time the text formatting tools take a while to load. The page loads without them, and there's a short wait before they appear. I experience this only rarely. My browser is Google Chrome.

  ams4127 06 Apr 12

I am on IE9 at the moment and posting this after leaving the page to load for 5 minutes. Still no formatting option.

Loading is instant on all the other browswers.

This isn't really a problem or complaint. If I want to post a reply (with formatting) I switch to Chrome.

IE9 has always been my favourite browser and, until a few days ago, I had no problems. It just suddenly started. I am not aware of changing any settings or anything.

Formatting still works perfectly on all the other websites I visit.

I'll give it a couple of days to see if anyone else has the same problem, and then carry out a system restore to see if that helps.

Thanks to all for your interest.

  sharpamat 07 Apr 12

Useing Win 7 64bit and IE9 without any problems. I do not use any other browsers, and my security is full ( not free ) AVG

  rdave13 07 Apr 12

Try running IE without add-ons. Type Internet Explorer in the search box and select internet explorer (no add-ons). See if the site works OK then.

  ams4127 07 Apr 12

Thanks rdave13 for that idea. Just tried it - still the same.

I am utterly baffled by this because everything was fine up until about two weeks ago. I repeat that I have altered nothing and that every other website's formatting is still working properly.

Any other bright ideas will be welcomed.

  rdave13 07 Apr 12
  ams4127 08 Apr 12

Java website won't load and keeps crashing. This may well be the clue I was looking for. Thanks rdave13.

I'll keep trying to sort it all out and will come back later.


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