This website does my head in!

  superhoops 17:25 30 May 09

Is it just me or is it common that when I click on a link to read a message the whole screen is blue for up to 10 seconds. You can see the text underneath but it is all so blue and makes me want to punch the screen! I don't have this with any other site.

  BT 17:26 30 May 09

I get this when using Google Chrome but its OK with IE7

  rdave13 17:28 30 May 09

Nope but it is blue for a second or two. Ten seconds seems a long time for the page to load. Try running Ccleaner.

  provider 2 17:33 30 May 09

No such effect here but it doesn`t do too well on IE 8 unless you click the compatibilty mode button, (torn page thingy).

  Graphicool1 17:44 30 May 09

You've not said what browser you're using? I get a similar result from Firefox, I find it mega slow. But no problems with IE7.

  superhoops 17:53 30 May 09

I use Firefox, gonna try it with IE7

  cream. 17:56 30 May 09

Firefox always does this. Has done for years.

  Rose 18:03 30 May 09

Drives me nuts too! It's become a real torture to navigate this forum as it's very hard on the eyes. Using IE8 and simply hate the awful blue background, even a softer colour would be more bearable until a solution to this strange display problem can be found.

  superhoops 18:39 30 May 09

Just tried on IE and just the same. Why does there have to be the blue, why not white that would be easier on the eyes? Getting mighty fed up with it now

  InTheCity 19:09 30 May 09

if you add the firefox adplus add on,should be no such problem,the adds seem to be the cause of the blue loading?

  InTheCity 19:09 30 May 09

sorry should be adblock plus add on.

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