Website design for a online renting and letting organisation

  psk35 22 Aug 13

Hi there I hope some of you can help me, what it is im interested in starting my own online business. The business will be a online property lettings and rental website similar to sites such as easy room mate and spare room however the problem im having is im not sure whether to use a website designer, a CMS system or even WIX or weebly.

What I am looking for is a website which will allow consumers to upload and post pictures, create profiles, get in touch with other members therefore just wanted some advice on whats the best way to go around it, thanks.

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 13

If you plan to allow people to upload stuff to your site you need to understand that you'll be involved in some full-on monitoring, otherwise you are likely to run into trouble.

If you want your site to allow inter-customer contact you might consider using one of the readily available forum packages - like phpBBfor instance.That would easily handle the contact and profile aspects of your project.

  psk35 22 Aug 13

Thankyou for your response, in terms of building a platform where consumers can interact with other customers and upload content would a online web building site or CMS allow it to happen or would I need to get a personal web developer to design the web page so consumers can do this?

  Forum Editor 24 Aug 13

You don't need CMS in order to allow people to communicate on your site - the forum software I mentioned will handle that, once it's installed on your host server.

Uploading content might be more involved - what exactly do you mean by 'content'?


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