Website Build with NetObjects Fusion Advice please

  Shikaree 20:03 PM 05 May 09

Hi All,

I have a Website (created with Mr. Site Takeaway Website)which I created for Family History. As I was unable to set up another website - a Religious Website - to include My Parish I added a few Religious pages to my Family History Website.

Now I wish to make a separate Religious Website but I want to get another Website Builder rather than Mr. Site as they are quite expensive. I will be paying for Renewal about £98+ yearly. Of course, I have everything with them. Their Help and Support is really very good I must say.

I have noticed that quite a few on this Forum use NetObjects Fusion. How is this Web Builder software. If I download the FREE version and use it will it be complusry to upgrade to their Paid Version. I just noticed that the Paid Version Software cost £155.

Please Help with advice.



  mco 11:59 AM 06 May 09

No -there is no obligation to pay for the upgrade and the free version works very well and is easy to get to grips with.

  Shikaree 21:58 PM 06 May 09

Hi mco,

I'm having difficulties downloading the Free Version. Its says Complete and ask to Click the SETUP box. I do that, the Blue Bar completes and it freezes there and never completes from there. My Computer doesn't freeze. Only that Box.

It is showing in Desktop but not in Add/Remove. So not Installed.

Any Suggestions, pleased.



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