Website Advertising Offer Query

  rod45 24 Dec 09

Hi everyone,

Don't know if i have come to the right forum for this question but here goes, i have a website that has been running for a year advertising certain handcrafted items that i make, mainly as a hobby but i do sell small amounts.

Yesterday i had an email from a company saying my website was similar to their interests and would like to purchase some advertising space on my web pages, they have offered me an upfront payment of $120 for the year. I am a bit doubtful of this offer due to their business being online gaming, which has nothing in common with what i advertise.

Has anyone ever been approached like this, or know anything about this type of thing, or is it a con.



  Forum Editor 25 Dec 09

for advertising on your site is hardly likely to be trying to con you.

You have nothing to lose, as long as you're happy that the advertising content will be acceptable.

  jtt 26 Dec 09

I would be wary. How are they going to pay you? Will they ask for your bank account details?

  Forum Editor 27 Dec 09

and your account number to someone who needs to pay money into your account via the BACS system is no more dangerous than sending someone a cheque - you provide them with exactly the same information when you do that.

If you're worried about providing your account details, ask for the money to be paid to a PayPal account.

You can easily prevent any ads appearing on your site until you're happy that you have the money, so the system this company proposes seems to me to be fairly foolproof. What you need to concentrate on is the suitability of the ad content - make sure you know about it in advance, and take a very careful look at the site the ads will link to.

  jodie111 07 Jan 10

don't believe them, There is no free lunch! your website is not famous, why they give money to you? Unless they are fools.

  jfell-1620020 29 Sep 10

its a nice offer you should you will accept your website will also get famous and visitors will increase on site.


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