britany1002 14:36 PM 22 Nov 13

Hello! I am creating a website.. This is my first site ever to build... and i was wondering how i would go about displaying new posts from my users on my homepage.. so that way when others view the page to see what its about they can see products posted by others. Any help would be great! Thank you!

  Forum Editor 21:04 PM 22 Nov 13

What is the subject of your site? I ask, because as a general rule it isn't a great idea to have people posting on your home-page.

Give us a bit more information about your site, and its intended audience, and we can be of more help.

  britany1002 02:24 AM 26 Dec 13

It is a site where users can create their own user profile and sell their no longer needed items to other people. Similar to Poshmark.

  AliceGeorge 12:19 PM 03 Feb 14

Can you please elaborate the logic that you have implemented in your website. I think it will be beneficial to find a solution to your issue after knowing it.


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