ste28 22:32 11 Dec 07

i have a website i want 2 put a page on me site were u can singe up for email updats and then i can send an email out telling them off new updats how can i do this?

  Kemistri 23:55 11 Dec 07

Can you clarify that a bit, please?

  MCE2K5 01:33 12 Dec 07

I have a website, I want to put a page on my site, Where you can sign up for Email updates, Then I can send an Email out telling them of new updates, how can i do this? Please.


  Kemistri 15:13 12 Dec 07

Well, I'm glad that somebody can understand that!

The answer is simple, but depends on your level of ability. Obviously, you don't want a mailto link with "click here to join a mailing list" because it's very amateurish; it leaves you wide open to spam; and your visitors have to type out some kind of message in their mail client. So you need to compose a simple HTML form - the kind that you see on most websites - and use it to call a PHP file. Your PHP file could be a standard mail form that sends you a message that contains their inputs or it could write the details into a database on the server for semi-automated mailshots. The form should be simple but flexible - use only the important fields but make it as usable as possible.

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