Webroot reports my system is underusing Ram?

  Phrixos 28 Mar 13

A fan of Advanced System Care, I don't normally use Webroot System Analyser. This one time, however, I thought I'd give Webroot a try. (I used "Run", not an install.) It was disappointing. Still, it did say one thing that concerned me, which ASC has never reported. Webroot says that,

"Not all ram can be used by your 32bit operating system."

I can find nothing on this anywhere on the web. I've also never heard of the problem before—so I'm left wondering if it is a problem fundamental to my arrangement of hardware or if it may just need a tweak somewhere.

My self-built Asus P5E System (Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600) has 4GB Corsair Ram—which, interestingly enough, Task Manager never has shown to be even half used.

Any advice?

regards, Phrixos

  Phrixos 28 Mar 13

Apologies for the ambiguity. I should have said, "my system never has reported my RAM as being (at best) even half used."

  Mr Mistoffelees 28 Mar 13

What Webroot is reporting about is a fundamental limitation of a 32 bit operating system. 32 bit Windows can only utilise 3.25GB of ram. To fully utilise all 4GB. or more, of ram you need 64 bit Windows.

  Phrixos 28 Mar 13

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees. Never knew that. Puts the kibosh on my occasional temptation too add more ram.

Any thoughts on why Task Manager shows that my system, no matter how burdened, will never use more than 2GB of ram?


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