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  Dirty Dick 22 Feb 10

I am using Serif WebPlus X2 to construct a website for a friend. I am putting a long piece of text on one page and I am trying to create a setup, where if I click on a heading it jumps down the page to the relevant section, and a "back to top" button. I'm getting bogged down reading the "Help" section, and was wondering if anyone could help/



  Forum Editor 23 Feb 10

to specified locations on the same web page by inserting what are called anchor links.

You'll need two of them, one at the location you're jumping from, and one (called a named anchor) at the spot you're jumping to. Suppose you want people to be able to jump from the top of the page to the bottom. Your first link (the one at the top of the page) would look like this:

<a href="#bottom">Jump to Bottom</a>

The named anchor (the one at the bottom - where you're jumping to) would look like this:-

<a name="bottom">This is the bottom</a>

Give it a try. You can use the same syntax to create links from your headings to specified locations in your text.

  Proclaimer 23 Feb 10

1. Select a word that you want the Anchor to jump to, right click on that word and select 'Anchor' from the list offered, or use the short-cut crtl-q. You can name the anchor to make it easy to find in the next step.

2. Select the word you want users to click on to be taken to the anchor, use short-cut crtl-k to open the hyper-link editor.

3. Select Anchor from the left hand list and you will then see a list, (or just the one if you have only one,) of your Anchors in the right hand pane.
Just select which ever anchor you want and it will now be linked.

If the anchor is on another page remember to select that page from the drop down list provided above the anchor list.

Hit alt-1 to preview your work in IEx and to test the link works.

  Proclaimer 23 Feb 10

for the 'back to top' you could insert a 'themed graphic' to do this, from the top menu, select;

Insert-Web Object-Themed Graphic

from the pop up window select the 'up buttons' to see a selection of about 30 buttons if you don't want text.

  123joey123 03 Mar 10

serif have their own forums and all questions asked will find the right solution


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