Webpage downloading on Broadband

  Harry 15:57 25 Aug 06

I have been on broadband with Orange for about 1 month. This is the 2Gb limit package.

I find that browsing web pages is adding up to a lot of Mb's.

I asked an IT person at work and he says that when you first start on the broadband the computer system is autmatically configured to work like this on broadband.

On dial up 2-3 hours of surfing downloaded about 10mb, on broadband this figure is about 50mb. I can appreciate that I may be visiting more pages but not 5 times as many tho.

Anyway, I would apprecite if anyone can give me a few tips on configuring the system to not download everything on a website and thus reduce the downloads, I wouldnt mind if the quality of look of websites are compromised.

I also know that no one is leeching on my connection wirelessly.

Thanks in advance

  Stuartli 16:10 25 Aug 06

I used to have a 2GB limit package when first getting BB - I'm on my system for most of the day and did the usual browsing, downloading etc (not big video files etc at the time), but I never exceeded the 2GB limit during a month.

A 2GB limit seems a bit strange in view of the easy availability of unlimited access these days at reasonable cost.

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