webmail returned but not sent

  canard 20:52 24 Feb 04

I keep getting email returned when I haven't sent any.I've been deleting it without investigation. This is just webmail on one only site. As it looks as if there's a virus involvement do I need to do anything else besides deleting? Anyone know what's guilty?

  LastChip 21:40 24 Feb 04

Have you got anti-virus software? Is it up to date? And have you run a full system scan?

  dewskit 21:56 24 Feb 04

I had a similar problem some while back and reported it to Abuse at BTInternet. I knew the origin was not my computer for certain as I was away on holiday at the time, and no-one else uses my computer, They checked and came back to say the messages contained a virus, but thought they were coming from someone who had me in their address book, who had become infected.

So, if you are clear of virus, then that could be the answer - let's hope so anyway!


  canard 22:56 24 Feb 04

AVG is up to date plus did online scan Trend Housecall virus check -result all clear.

  LastChip 23:39 24 Feb 04

you could save it to disc. DO NOT open it on any account, but scan it with AVG and find out the result. You can do that, by Right Clicking the file and selecting Scan with AVG. If you want to be ultra safe, save it to a floppy and scan it there.

If it shows as infected, then perhaps dewskit hit the nail on the head!

  canard 20:30 25 Feb 04

Am I to believe that PCs now catch STD's?
Thanks for the good advice dewskit and LastChip -will try it.

  Jester2K 20:32 25 Feb 04

Why do what LastChip says when AVG scans ALL incoming mail anyway and warns you before you can open infected mail?

  canard 23:26 28 Feb 04

I don't think AVG scans my webmail which is where the junk and worse arrives. It refuses to scan web emails with right click too. If I'm wrong tell me.

  LastChip 23:58 28 Feb 04

It depends how you have AVG setup.

If you open the AVG Control Center, select the e-mail tab, you can see what options you have selected.

Once the e-mail has been downloaded into Outlook Express, you cannot scan directly. That's why I suggested you save the file to disc and then you can scan it.

  frazky 01:29 29 Feb 04

webmail providers usually incorporate virus-checking in house ,:. you needn't.

  canard 11:42 29 Feb 04

Thank everyone for advice. Prob seems to have ceased.

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