WebMail box delay-E-mail Client - straight in why?

  jack 08:27 22 May 08

I like to check my mail on the server and deal there with the junk- then fire up the E-client to let on only the mail that I wish to keep.

Recently the Server response has been 'hanging' with the message 'waiting for ***'
If I leave that and log onto here for example and go back the mail be be displayed, but some times not - still waiting.
However if I go straight to the E-mail client as this morning after waiting a bit- the mail - all 35 of them comes straight in- 34 were junk.
Why is that?

  silverous 10:13 22 May 08

I thin this is a question for your web mail provider, we don't know their architecture or what problems they may have been having. Their webmail system may be inefficient while their back end mail storage systems may be fine.

  jack 14:12 22 May 08

Thank you for that but aspects of this I don't understand
What is the difference between 'Webmail' and 'Backend Storage'?
To give an instance - I logged on 10 mins ago - the 'Wait' came up- so I came on here- then fired up the E-Client- in came half a dozen- [ 5 junk - 1 for real] then took a look at the server and all that had came in on the E-client were there- but as soon as I clicked on one they all went[As indeed they should- has they had gone on to the E-Client]
So it seems then mail must exist in two places- is that right?

  silverous 14:21 22 May 08

Take a look at this:

click here

I don't know how accurate it is but you can see the webmail server(s) are separate from the "cluster of pop3/imap4" servers. So it is feasible for webmail to have problems but your email client connects to the pop3/imap4 servers which may well be working very well. They don't have to process a 'user interface' (the web page etc.) and just delivery email. In any case they are separate systems, which may be of higher spec and perhaps less overloaded. I'm just speculating.

The email may well be duplicated across databases/servers, I doubt many ISPs hold their email on one server only but I could be wrong on that. That is the storage of the email.

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