webeden or other

  iqs 02 Mar 10


I'm looking for a site which allows you to design a very basic web page/site.
I have no previous experience of designing a web site.
Because of the lack of required knowledge,It was suggested that webeden may be suitable .

Do any of the forum members have any experience of this site,or can you suggest a similar site please.
Also how important is a domain name?,is it worth paying extra for?

Thank you

  mstringer 03 Mar 10

I had a go with webeden - its pretty easy to build a website. They have a free trial and a free version so you can have go without having to commit.

as for the the domain name I think it depends on how serious you are! ultimately you're going to need a proper domain name for you website, in order to be taken seriously (I reckon!)

  iqs 03 Mar 10

Thank you both for your help.Will be going through the various sites this weekend,will see what suits my needs

  Darkie80 18 Mar 10

If you want something to compare Webeden to, click here

  iqs 21 Mar 10

Thanks Darkie80


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