webcam for Windows 98 /XP

  graham12 16:26 10 Sep 06

Have a small problem I am using windows xp and my friend is using windows 98, I have sent her the link to my web cam but after she has clicked on the link nothing shows, is there something she would need to download before she can see me or would this not be because.

  DieSse 16:36 10 Sep 06

Using what programs ?

  graham12 16:44 10 Sep 06

not to sure what you mean by that

  DieSse 16:57 10 Sep 06

Are you using MS Messenger, for instance?

You can't just connect a web cam to your computer - you need to run something to transmit your images, and she needs to run somthing to look at them.

  graham12 17:00 10 Sep 06

Yes I am using msn but not sure about my friend all that I now is she is with btinternet.

Its windows live messenger I am using

  DieSse 17:16 10 Sep 06

*but not sure about my friend*

Ask her then.

*...after she has clicked on the link nothing shows*

Which link are we talking about? - The invitation to view link?

  graham12 18:53 10 Sep 06

yes the invitation to view link, and can't ask her at present as she in work, ishe is clicking on link but nothing is happening

  DieSse 19:48 10 Sep 06

Make sure you both have the latest version of MS Messenger.

Are you both on broadband - if not a webcam is pretty dire.

  woodchip 19:51 10 Sep 06

You should both use Netmeeting

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