webcam and voice connection problem

  Tigertops 10:58 27 Oct 06

I am using Windows Live Messenger and a Logitech webcam to make a voice and video calls
to family elsewhere. Although the webcam side works fine inevitably one end does not have sound and the mic does not transmit. It can happen at either end and there seems no easy solution. All the hardware has been tested at each end and my PC says its sound sytems are OK. Same at the other end! Any suggestions?.. Both ends are using Windows XP/broadband link. Does one have to connect with voice first and then try and bring in sound? I am baffled!

  anskyber 11:43 27 Oct 06

I know this is not a helpful answer but after a few problems with the Messenger system I move over to Skype which has been very reliable.

  Tugwilson 13:28 27 Oct 06

I sometimes have the same problem.Have to start one cam then the other.same with the mics.i think its something to do with messenger.although it did seem to work great a few months back.

  Tigertops 14:51 27 Oct 06

Thanks both. Interestingly when first setting up the system it worked fairly well with some mic distortion. Seems it may be a Messenger problem--not enough bandwidth in the system?However now the problem is worse. I have loaded Skype and will 'convince' the other end to do likewise.

  anskyber 15:03 27 Oct 06

I ran both for a while before all my contacts migrated to Skype.

  anchor 15:07 28 Oct 06

A long time ago I had the same problem; never resolved it. I found Yahoo messenger better.

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