Webcam and Skype conflict. Can you help?

  montydog 10:18 04 Dec 07

I use a Skype 'phone and Skype software with my computer (Win XP). I have recently installed a webcam. When I try to start the webcam I get a message saying that another program is already running and that it should be closed down. I have disconnected the Skype 'phone and closed down the software, but the message persists. Any ideas on how I get the webcam to work?

  birdface 08:07 05 Dec 07 here=

  dms05 17:39 05 Dec 07

I don't think the problem lies with the Skype phone or Skype software. The message you see probably means another program is using (or has preferred access to) your webcam. Even opening your webcam in Windows Explorer will be enough to stop Skype gaining access to it. Your webcam must not be in use at all.

  ambra4 11:35 09 Dec 07

Check the video setting in Skype Tools- Options- Video Setting and make sure the

“Enable Skype Video” and “Start My Video Automatic when I am in a call” is ticked

Check that the correct web cam that you are using is selected in the web cam box

Also check that the audio setting for you Skype phone is correct in the Audio Setting if it

A USB type skype phone

  birdface 11:00 12 Dec 07

Someone with the same sort of here

  golfpro 08:37 14 Dec 07

Do you have an installation CD disc for the web cam?
I have found the most web cam problems can be solved by the web cam set up in Skype tools > options > Video settings. And the CD which came with the web cam.

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