Webcam and Skype?

  PC840 09:42 12 Nov 10

A friends previously working webcam now freezes up on incoming video, from different sources. It has been suggested that it's the speed of the connection, but at the recieving end they can see her with no problems and youtube etc, plays OK. So is it a speed problem?

  Nontek 10:08 12 Nov 10

Webcams don't receive video, they send it! Your friends webcam would appear to be working fine if others can see her clearly. Perhaps the problem is at the 'other' end?

Also though, your friend could check that they have the latest Codec pack for their particular OS, might just need updating. Also make sure that both parties are using the same and latest version of Skype.

I don't think speed is the problem.

  PC840 12:02 12 Nov 10

Is the problem at 'the other end' if two different sources have the same problem? Could be but pushing it a bit! Will investigate the other suggestions!


  bruno 12:12 12 Nov 10

I have Skype on Windows 7 and I solved a connection problem by changing my usb lead from a usb1 hub into a new usb2 hub. No problems since.

  Woolwell 13:29 12 Nov 10

AS Nontek has stated if the other users can see your friend ok then it isn't a problem with your friend's webcam. However if there is difficulty in viewing video from 2 different people then it may indicate that there is a reception problem. When viewing video on Skype you can expand to see call/internet/connection quality. It may say that there is a low speed which is unsuitable for good quality video. What is the download speed and are there any other programs connecting to the internet at the same time?

  dms_05 13:47 12 Nov 10

I've noted that upgrading to the latest version of Skype has caused the video to stop working on two XP systems. I have needed to reduce the amount of hardware acceleration to achieve video on v5 but returning to v4 saw the video switch back to its original working state with hardware acceleration on full (both desktops were Pentium 4 3.0Ghz, one with HT).

  PC840 15:51 12 Nov 10

'upgrading to the latest version of Skype' that could be the problem! But I don't know if it's been automatically updated! I'll have to check it out, come Saturday.


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