Webcam PCL W310

  abbott8 08:57 03 Jan 05

I have just purchased the above item for my son, it comes with an integrated microphone and runs off usb. Unfortunately when I plug in the webcam windows xp home on either my laptop or the family computer fails to recognise the driver, I have also searched the web for a driver and, once again, XP fails to find the driver.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  preston 11:50 03 Jan 05

does either computer recognise that the webcam is installed.

  belcanto 12:40 03 Jan 05

I understand that your webcam is made by Mustek under licence for PC-Line (budget off shoot from dixons). When you got the webcam, you should install the software first, then plug in the camera when your pc asks, then re-boot. Having said that your best bet is to return the camera and get a refund, invest in a Creative Labs or Logitech one from Ebay. I know because I brought one just before Christmas and it is S***te. Even with all the lights turned on the picture was very dark, no sound either, despite there supposedly being a built in mic. Hope this helps.


  abbott8 20:54 04 Jan 05

many thanks for all your help I think it will bw going back.

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