WebCam Installation

  ponytail 08:00 10 Mar 12

Not sure about what socket to plug the Mic lead into at the back of the PC.My speakers are connected to the middle socket which is coloured green the one on the L/H side is pinkand the R/H side is blue can someone advise are there any symbols I can check.

  KRONOS the First 08:11 10 Mar 12

The pink one is the mic socket. The blue jack is for plugging in an audio device so you can hear the sound through your laptop's or monitor's speakers.

A little table explanation. Audio colours.

  ponytail 08:31 10 Mar 12

Hi Chronus thanks for advise one other thing how do I check that the camera is working ok the mic is working now just want to check that the photo element is working there is a way of checking but cannot remember it is a Trusr Spotlight Webcam model number 16429 if that helps.Just going to check their website

  ponytail 08:46 10 Mar 12

Hi Again Chronus another question if I take a picture where on the PC do I find it

  KRONOS the First 09:21 10 Mar 12

My Logitech webcam created a folder in the My Pictures folder where photos are sent. I would imagine that your camera does the same. But it should tell you where the image is being sent after you have taken it.


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