webcam green picture!

  jay77 05:47 09 Sep 05

Since i got broadband tried reinstall cam lots more to no avail.Ive sunplus vi catch pc camera.Sagem modem on tiscali broadband.Windows 98 se.Why has this happened,green or black or white patchy grain picture,tried settings on pc and cam cant find anything too fix it,cheers, what can i do thankyou j!

  grabster 07:26 09 Sep 05

If you have a scanner in your setup your webcam programme could be looking to that as your input source.

  jay77 16:55 10 Sep 05

So what do i try next pal thanks j!

  jay77 06:28 29 Sep 05

Please cant no one help here this has been going on months thankyou j!

  zarobian 08:04 29 Sep 05

Are you connecting your Webcam through a USB or Parallel port.
If you are connecting to a USB port then unplug the camera before loading your software for it. When done connect your webcam and your computer will find new hardware and wait till it finishes installation and reports that your new hardware is now ready for use.



  jack 08:33 29 Sep 05

Some web cams have an infra-red/low light feature.
If this is activated the grrenish grainy picture will ensue[ check out camera controls/software.

  Bagsey 14:27 29 Sep 05

I have just noticed a similar fault with my webcam and found that I could fix it by going into camera options and the Video capture filter then Video Proc Amp and the adjusting the Hue, Saturation and white balance.Its Worth a try anyway as its easy to put back to where it was if that fails.

  jay77 17:03 29 Sep 05

Yes the led red light does go on.I tried all the install reinstall and usb plug taken out it lights up but no picture i tried camera options also.Will try some more of what you all said.But this has gone on for months,i got the world and mother demanding to see me on cam! Losing out on future girls and wife maybe here lol!" Its all since i got broadband,asked several people,websites,shop,tiscali and lots more to no avail cheers j!

  jay77 17:05 29 Sep 05

rather then red im trying your magic now update later cheers jay!

  jay77 17:18 29 Sep 05

saturation etc,tried that now and before,its just bright green back ground,does anyone on earth know this massive mystery haha!

  grabster 06:02 03 Oct 05

My webcam had a similar problem over the weekend since installing a tv card. To resolve the problem i installed yahoo messenger and went to webcam options,clicked on camera source and reselected my webcam as source.

Maybe if you try that ?

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