webcam despair !!!

  tartanterror 18:54 26 Apr 03

i posted to this forum regarding my webcam freezing(kodak dvc325) 2 weeks or so ago without anyone being able to advise.
i had the cam for a few years and thought it had broken however i have just set up my new webcam (logitech quickcam pro 4000)and i'm astounded to find that this camera is experiancing the same problem.
it starts ok captures pictures/video then after about a minuite or 2 it just freezes exactly the same problem i had with what i thought was a broken kodak i had just replaced.
there are to my knowledge no conflicts on the pc but something must be interfiering with the cam.
on having to click ctrl+alt+delete there was only the logitech camera listed under applications and a message (LVComSWnd)not responding.
i'm running xp pro
any help greatly appreciated as now i'm stuck with what looks like 2 working webcams but something pc related dosn't want to accomidate them.

  tartanterror 18:45 29 Apr 03


  monkeyshine 18:54 29 Apr 03

It's no help to anyone else if you don't say how you resolved it!

  lodger 19:09 29 Apr 03

he bought a new pc to go with the new webcam.

  sattman 19:12 29 Apr 03

He moved the cam it away from the monitor

  tartanterror 22:18 30 Apr 03

well sorry for the delay
i first of all posted "solved" just to let all know that help wasn't required.
but had no time to elaberate on solution.
the problem was with the epson 610 scanner i simply unplugged from usb hub and problem solved.
there was no conflicts in device manager had all the latest drivers and no problems with scanner.
there was nothing running in the background in imaging devices either.
i guess i got lucky first time as my usuall procedure is to remove pheriphals one by one when there is no other "clue" as to what may be causing the problem and picked the scanner first to unplug.

btw it did cost me £79.99 replacing my kodak dvc 325 for the logitech quickcam pro 4000 which i thought was knackered guess i should have tried the above before buying the new webcam.
mind you it is an excellent cam.


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