Web site to make recordings downloadable

  johnincrete 08:15 23 Apr 13

I record church meetings on a Sony Digital recorder and transfer the recording to the PC for editing. Currently, I then burn the recording to CD's for distribution free of charge. What advice can anyone offer for the creation of a website onto which I could upload the recordings so that anyone interested could either listen on-line or download it. Apart from a home page saying what the site is about, all I would have is the recordings pages. Currently, the recordings fall into two categories being the churches where the recordings are made but I envisage several more in the future. The essential features are fastest possible uploading and downloading of meetings that last between 1 and two hours. It would be nice if I could make it possible for authorised people to upload onto their assigned page. Am I looking at passwords?

  Forum Editor 08:34 23 Apr 13

"Am I looking at passwords?"

Yes, and if your recordings include any music that's still in copyright you are also looking at copyright licenses. That applies to CDs for distribution or website downloads.

Making recordings available via a website isn't difficult, but if they are of any length, and the number of downloads more than a few the bandwidth issues can be considerable. Your deal with your web-host may mean that you could end up with some hefty bandwidth charges, so check that first.

If you decide to go ahead come back to your thread for specific advice on the technicalities involved.

  johnincrete 15:12 23 Apr 13

Thanks. I had not thought about bandwidth. Will check


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