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  iqs 03 Aug 10


Just read a thread where a forum member recommends the above software.

Just how good is the software,and how easily is it to get your site posted on the net,does the software offer free web site,a domain name (not sure what a domain name is and why you require it)


  iqs 04 Aug 10

Hi forum member,

Thank you for the reply.

Basically I would like to create a basic web site for my self,and from this,hopefully go back to college to study web design.

My knowledge of creating web sites is very limited,so any software,reference material which could assist would be appreciated.

Thanks again

  steve263000 04 Aug 10

I have been using the software for a little time now and have recommended it on this site. It took a lot longer than I thought to get to grips with it, but it is a very good program. Serif have a system where they will sell you the web space needed and a domain name although I have never used it. I use click here for all my needs.

However if all you want to do is get a very basic site up and running for yourself only, why not try click here This is free, quick and easy and they sort out a basic domain name although you can buy your own. I have built a site with them click here just to try it out and it is pretty good if basic.

Forum member has given me brilliant advice in the past and he will most certainly have better advice, but this is just my 'twopennorth'

  iqs 08 Aug 10

thanks for the replay,advice and links steve263000

  moneg21 12 Jan 11

i use web to date from data becker (click here)


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