Web pages won't go back

  redbarron 15:21 11 Jan 09

I type the name of a web page I want to visit in my each bar. I get the usual list of web pages come up. I then click on the correct page which then takes me to a web page completely different to what I want. If I try to go back to the list by clicking the 'back' button I keep getting the unwanted page coming up.

I just seem to be in a loop. The only way out is to close Internet explorer 6 and start again.

This doesn't happen all the time, but quite often.

Any advise welcome. Thank you

  brundle 16:18 11 Jan 09

"takes me to a web page completely different to what I want" - one you've never visited before?

Without more information regarding the above, you ought to run a full antivirus scan and also scan with this; click here

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