Web pages not full screen can you help please??

  joostin 06:33 23 Jul 08

Hi guys can you please help.Over the past 24 hours when i log on to net home page is fine but then click a link example to open my mail on msn messenger the next screen is the half the size and i have to click on full screen in right hand top corner to make it full screen?.Is there a default setting i can click to make links goto full screen size as before please find this annoying and a pain
Just x

  Technotiger 07:02 23 Jul 08

Instead of clicking on top-right corner, hover over edge of page and when the double-headed arrow appears drag the page to whatever size you like - the next time you open a page it should be at your chosen size.

  joostin 07:29 23 Jul 08

Thanks Techon just did that on my MSN mail homepage and works but then when back to google went on another site pressed a link and smaller screen again?? this never happened before always went to full screen.Must be a default for web pages??

  Technotiger 08:16 23 Jul 08

Yes, I think there is a default size for web pages, for instance I use a 22" wide-screen monitor, if I click on the small square to make the pages full-screen I end up with huge margins either side of the page.

Your screen resolution settings might also have something to do with it. My screen resolution is 1680x1050.

  Technotiger 08:18 23 Jul 08

Set one of your Google pages as per your MSN home page - I think this should affect all Google pages after that.

  Simsy 08:32 23 Jul 08

You say, "when i log on to net home page is fine"... I'm assuming this page is maximised?

If that's correct do the following;

Restorethe maximised window to a "normal" one, using the button next to the "x".

Drag this window to the size you want.

Maximise the window again.

Windows that open via a link from the main page should now open to the size you dragged it to.

Hope this helps.



  joostin 10:13 24 Jul 08

Job done so far simsy that has worked thank you cant understand why when i click links it changed to half screen not maximised in the first place?

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