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  MJS WARLORD 09:37 27 Jan 13

Many years ago before web pages had adverts on them it was possible to increase the size of viewed print ( you still can ) AND you could also print out the page with the print enlarged. This is no longer possible , i think it could be due to web adverts locking the margins. The only work around i can use is to enlarge the viewed print then use the windows snipping tool to capture it so that i can print it like a photo.

The down side to this is that you can only do a part of a web page because if you do a full page , wimdows shrinks it down again to fit a4 paper.

Does anybody know of a way to view enlarged print AND print it off the same size

  hastelloy 13:00 27 Jan 13

You could copy and paste into word and then edit as you wish. Unfortunately this is not always as easy as it sounds unless you only want text. Any graphics will usually need to be saved and then inserted into the word document separately. The fun really starts if there are tables or frames in the pasted document.

  woodchip 15:28 27 Jan 13

In the Web Page got to file/Print Preview you can change size in there

  Woolwell 19:20 27 Jan 13

You haven't mentioned which browser.

  Forum Editor 22:59 27 Jan 13

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  lotvic 23:08 27 Jan 13

As woodchip has said, File | print preview and you can play about with all the settings in there until you have page laid out how you want it to print.

  Woolwell 15:08 28 Jan 13

Woodchip and lotvic - How do you do that with Chrome?

  Woolwell 15:15 28 Jan 13

Found the answer myself - You have to open print, choose using system dialogue and then change the printer scaling settings.

  alanrwood 15:39 28 Jan 13

I can't find any printer scaler setting. Where was it please?

  Woolwell 16:54 28 Jan 13

I missed out a stage. After using system dialogue you open printer preferences and then select the printer scaling.

  alanrwood 18:04 28 Jan 13


I still don't have that option. It must be something specific to your printer driver as I have looked for it on 3 of the printers on my set up.

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