Web page design for a clot

  carl48 16:40 31 Aug 03

I've been happily surfing for five years and admiring other people's websites. Only now have I plucked up the courage to have a go at designing my own. Thing is, I don't know how or where to start. Can anyone recommend a book for total beginners like me, and also the best program to help me design a page that won't look like the dog's regurgitated breakfast?

I traced 'The Idiot's Guide to Web Design' at Amazon but the blurb said it wasn't suitable for complete beginners! Seems what I need is a Mega-Idiot's Guide.

  muppetmark 16:47 31 Aug 03

Have a look in our own web design forum several people have asked the same question recently :-)

  Joe McG 16:47 31 Aug 03


This is a good site, with well thought out and easy to follow steps.

Look forward to first viewing of your site. Good luck. Joe.

  Joe McG 16:47 31 Aug 03

OOOpsclick here

  pj123 17:23 31 Aug 03

Like you, I started off as a clot. Have you got Microsoft Publisher? that's what I started with, so easy to design a website. But it has its snags. It seems to change everything to .gif which makes it slower to load. I now use Dreamweaver MX.

  Pesala 18:58 31 Aug 03

Designing a website is as easy as choosing a template and filling it in. That will get you started. Free download from click here

  pj123 10:11 01 Sep 03

I downloaded WebPlus 6 from Serif but there weren't any templates with it. I rang Serif who offered me a CD full of templates for £6.95. When I told them I was a registered user of all their other sofware they waived the cost and sent me the CD for free. Not used it yet, as the company I do some work for has Dreamweaver MX which I can use when I am there.

  ordep 10:21 01 Sep 03

Found this little jem the other day.
Your website creation made easy!

Create a dynamic and animated website in minutes with WEBCREATOR V.2. Easy-to-use, with no programming knowledge required, WEBCREATOR will guide you step by step from the creation to the publication of your website.

click here

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