Web Page Design Background Effect

  Jezzy1959 14:24 13 Nov 12

Can anyone advise me on creating a web page background with a similar effect to this one ? http://www.richarrismusic.info/resources/rhb.jpg

  LastChip 19:19 13 Nov 12

It's about as simple as it gets. It's just a html page with an image centred on it.

  LastChip 19:24 13 Nov 12

I did wonder if you meant how was the image created. If that's your question, there are at least a couple of possibilities. First, it was drawn by an artist or second, it was a photograph manipulated in a graphics program like the GIMP.

  jonasmarsh621 08:11 16 Nov 12

Well if you are that lazy you can just copy the code of a background that you like. Or you can choose to do what LastChip stated above.

  Jezzy1959 10:16 16 Nov 12

Thanks for the replies. To explain further, what I am looking for is the filter in a program such as Photoshop to obtain a similar effect to this web page background.

  LastChip 12:22 16 Nov 12

I did wonder if that's what you were asking.

I can't speak of Photoshop, but in the GIMP, you can use FX-Foundry --> Artistic --> Quick Sketch which will give you a good starting point for a "pencil" style image.

Just take the image you want to render and apply that filter. You could then either use it as is, or apply other filters to enhance, or change the result (sharpen, blur, brightness, contrast, etc.).

And best of all, the GIMP is free!

  Jezzy1959 18:46 17 Nov 12

Many thanks, I found the effect I wanted with a Photoshop filter

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