Web Page all in code ? Is it a Java Script Error

  skidzy 23:33 30 Mar 06

I recently started a thread about xp sp2 in Speakers Corner.

It seems that i have a problem decoding the web page,now i did make a few changes to my java script about a week ago,tried system restore to no effect.

Im stumped on this,so any help would be gladly appreciated please.

The link im trying to see,but it is only in code click here

The previous thread click here

xp home sp2

Thanks in advance everyone.

  skidzy 00:06 31 Mar 06


  remind 00:29 31 Mar 06

works fine in ie or firefox here - a number of scripts are blocked with the NoScript extension in firefox but it doesn't prevent the page being rendered properly. you can get sp2 free here too click here

take a look at your security settings in IE and check if any of the various script types/functions have been disabled

  anchor 09:43 31 Mar 06

No problem here either; XP-SP2 & IE6 installed.

Try the suggestions given by remind. Do you have problems with any other Java sites?.

  skidzy 15:48 31 Mar 06

Thanks for the replies.Ive had a look at my Java script settings and basically im a little confused.
Some are set to disable and some enable,now ive tried by elimination enabling one on at a time and then disable,but still no joy.

Downloading as we speak the sp2 pack.I currently have sp2 installed,but just wanted it on disc incase of a reinstall is ever needed.
Thankyou for the link Remind,much appreciated.

This web page im seeing in code is really starting to get to me now,do you think its anything to do with the Sun Java Console ?

  terryf 15:53 31 Mar 06

Try control panel>java and update

  skidzy 15:58 31 Mar 06

Thanks Terry...It seems im up to date with my java.

Any other ideas ?

  skidzy 22:58 31 Mar 06

Still here ?

  anchor 12:58 01 Apr 06

Are you having problems with other Java enabled sites?. If so, consider this. Personally I prefer the old Microsoft Virtual Machine; (I don`t have "real" Java, and never have problems). To install:

1. Download the file using this link

click here

look for the exe file link following "Java Virtual Machine download links": and save it to your hard-drive.

2. Once the file is on your hard drive, execute it and thus load the Virtual Machine.

3. As the file begins execution, answer Yes to the License Agreement question and then once complete, re-boot your PC.

4. Once the PC is re-booted you should be set to go.

VERY IMPORTANT: Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools menu on the top bar, select Internet Options, Advanced tab, scroll down to "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled".

Ensure this ticked - If it isn't, click a tick in the box, click apply, OK, and then reboot your machine.

One final factor could be your Firewall, if you have one. I have Zone alarm pro, and in the Privacy setting , Mobile Code control, there are 2 boxes referring to Java. If you have Zone Alarm, ensure they are not ticked.

Maybe other Firewall programmes have similar settings. If you have a Firewall, check this.

  skidzy 16:25 01 Apr 06

Thanks Anchor,i will be back at the pc in question tomorrow and will give it a go.
Thanks for the help,its very much appreciated.

  skidzy 18:47 02 Apr 06

After many hours trying to repair my Internet Explorer and Java Console...(My tinkering messed it up in the first place)...

Using Regscrubxp and Winaso sorted it out for me.

I often recommend winaso as ive used it for 2 years,some may disagree how reliable it is,but i find it extremely good.

Im writing this for any future problems that others may have that are similar to what i have experienced.

Winaso registry optimiser has various tools that will look after and repair internet explorer.
Also other programs that come in very handy.
click here

Regscrubxp .... click here

This is very good for a general clean up of left over files that remain redundant in your registry from previous uninstallations.All changes can be restored if you encounter any problems.

Hope this helps others in the future.

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