Web Links?

  L@@K @ ME! 20:42 05 Aug 03

Okay im on a roll :-).....how do i link my words to a website address

click here

says 'try here'....Instead.

  L@@K @ ME! 20:44 05 Aug 03

MMMM....automatically does it here,but how do i do it to other sites

  NIGEY 20:44 05 Aug 03

just type in the web address m8...easy

  L@@K @ ME! 21:01 05 Aug 03

Nah it not what i mean....EG


Ive removed the htp bit...now how would i link that address to my words..like--->'My Music' or whatever..

Not sure what you mean but if what you want to do is to create a hyperlink to a file, folder or whatever it will depend on the program you are using. For example, in Word, just type the words you want (For example, say you want to create a link to a specific music track from Coldplay - type "a Rush of Blood to the Head", now, highlight this and then right click and "Create hyperlink". In the wizzard that appears, browse to the file in "My Music" in "My documents" and then click OK. Thats it and you have now created a hyperlink to that particular file. When you click on these words from within the document you will find that that particular track will open and play.

If this is not what you meant, I have no Idea!!

  VoG II 21:44 05 Aug 03

but NOT this one use

[url=X]click here[/url]

where X is the web address and "click here" is what you want it to appear as.

  L@@K @ ME! 21:53 05 Aug 03

Vog's got the idea...cheers smiffy thats also useful to know aswell.....Vog,can u explain what u mean in more "I'M Dumb" Terms & Conditions..:-)

  VoG II 21:56 05 Aug 03

Sorry, I don't understand the question!

  L@@K @ ME! 22:10 05 Aug 03

On many OTHER websites
but NOT this one use
[url=X]click here[/url]
where X is the web address and "click here" is what you want it to appear as

I'M dumb refers to me!....i dont understand your answer clearly....all i want to be able to do is to refer to my own music compositions on the web,but instead of long URL's id like to just write "my music" and.....this would be the link instead.

  VoG II 22:24 05 Aug 03

[url=pcadvisor.co.uk]my music[/url]

Does that help?

  L@@K @ ME! 22:43 05 Aug 03

Not really i understand what u said just not how to do it!....do i bracket the url as u have done and add my own url,like the whole thing together and just change the url and "my whatever" depending what i want....sorta like this EG

[url=click here blah.co.uk]my frontroom[/url]

would doing it like that just show up as
My frontroom for the link.

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