Web hosting for business - recommendation, please

  justjill 10:27 14 Jan 10


I am at the end of my tether with my web hosting company. We repeatedly find our business website and emails go down and they tell us that it's because we've been blocked on their server. They say this happens either because we keep entering an incorrect password or because we send/receive emails more often than every 5 minutes - we don't do either of these things but they insist it's our fault and that we are wasting their time!

In addition, we also have to pay for Auth SMTP to be able to send email at all because the server they have us on is blacklisted because of spammers and everyone rejects our mail unless we use Auth SMTP (which I can't praise highly enough!)

I'm not looking for the cheapest business hosting, I just want reliable service. (Free phone support would be marvellous if it exists! -Our current hosts don't have phone support at all - it has to be done via an online help desk.)

Also, I have paid for 5 years' hosting with my current company - is their any way I can claim this money back as I feel they're not providing the service I've paid for.

Many thanks in advance,

  MAJ 11:54 14 Jan 10

Try HeartInternet click here they are very reliable. Can't answer your "Refund" question, sorry.

  MAJ 11:56 14 Jan 10

P.S. OneAndOne are very good as well. click here

  justjill 12:14 15 Jan 10

Sorry for not thanking you sooner - I didn't receive the emails telling me there were replies to the thread!

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