Web connection for user profile - help please!

  Nick1972 11:53 12 Jul 09

I set up a user profile for my daughter yesterday (XP), so she can log on to the PC herself (our log on is password protected) to go on the internet. The internet connected fine then, and I set up shortcuts to the CBeebies website etc.

I've tried to log her on this morning, and where we normally double-click the LAN icon to connect to the net, it's greyed out, as are the options if I right-click on the icon, and I can't access it. I've tried looking online, but it's only giving me help for internet connection sharing in networks, and the settings box that most of the sites direct me to, is totally different to the one pictured (control panel>network & internet connection>network connections>local area connection (sky broadband)).

Hope someone can help!


  lotvic 22:33 12 Jul 09


  Nick1972 14:24 13 Jul 09

Bump! (Thanks lotvic)

  Graham. 16:31 13 Jul 09

Check the Profile is still there. Changes are sometimes not saved.

  Nick1972 08:08 15 Jul 09

Yeah, the profile is still there, as I'm in that profile whilst trying to access the net.

Any other ideas anyone?

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