Web Cam performance

  Roly Mo 15:52 08 Jan 06

Hi.......both me and my lad in Australia have Logitech Quickcam PRO 4000 webcams and Broadband but are very disappointed with the performance.If you make any movement the screen image seems to be forever playing catch-up and the sound is so out sync with the lip movements its like watching a foreign film with subtitles.We bought these particular Webcams because of the excellent customer reviews that they have received.Can anyone throw some light on this problem.
Roly Mo

  rsinbad 16:58 08 Jan 06

I have the same webcam and am quite pleased with it, as with most webcams they do suffer with low light situations.

try reinstalling the driver click here

  woodchip 17:02 08 Jan 06

Try with lower resolution image

  rsinbad 17:14 08 Jan 06

Also disabling the QoS packet schedular can help with sound problems.

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