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  Birder 1 21:10 18 Mar 05

Can anyone tell me please what i need to to do to get a Header, Menu name, and Author for the wbsite i have.


  Forum Editor 08:45 19 Mar 05

to answer that one, Birder 1

What software are you using to design your site, and is it online now? If it is, post a url so we can take a look at the problem.

  Birder 1 17:03 19 Mar 05

I may have asked the wrong question, i have a website but it just has the basics.Before i can show my photos on it it says i need to have a header, menu name and author can you tell me what this means.


  Birder 1 17:05 19 Mar 05

Forum Editor:

This is my website name click here

  Forum Editor 17:50 19 Mar 05

for your site, and the content needs to be added. The header is simply a word used to describe text (or text and graphics) which 'head' the page. You can create your own header on each page.

Menus are self explanatory, and you are the author.

Perhaps you can tell us what software you're using to create this site, and we'll take it from there?

  phil 21:46 19 Mar 05

It's the Easily webstarter package click here

All done online but a bit pricey at £50.

  Dorsai 18:52 22 Mar 05

If you open you own web page from the net, and then select 'view source' you can see there is a line <title>www. IanHnathistphotos. co. uk</title> (I have added spaces after each '.' to prevent it becoming a "click here")

I dont know what prog you are using to create your page, so cant be spicefic, but replace the "www. IanHna..." etc bit with what you want.


<title>Ian's Butterfly Web Site</title>

One way to do this is just to edit the page with note pad.

  Dorsai 18:53 22 Mar 05



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