Web Browser (IE6) Stops When Downloading Pages

  Igneous 23:47 28 Dec 04

When I browse the web, the first few pages are delivered quickly and completely; however after the first half-dozen or dozen pages, my browser (IE6) grinds to a halt. Pages download slowly and often just stop halfway through and never complete. Closing down the browser and starting it up again sometimes takes me back to square one, ie: I can browse OK for a while and then things start to slow up.

I am fairly sure it is something to do with my PC setup, as a friend has used my ISP account, modem and phone line from his laptop running Windows XP, Norton Firewall and Norton AV and had no problems.

I have tried clearing out my web cache and checking for updated drivers for my modem and ensuring XP is up to date (except for SP2). I have also tried the support lines/forums for all the respective suppliers (ie: Microsoft, the ISP, the Modem Supplier and Norton) and as usual everyone blames the other supplier's product.

My setup is as follows:

PC: P4 2.4 MHz 512 MB RAM 160GB Hard Disk
Windows XP Home SP 1
Binatone ADSL 500 USB Broadband Modem
Norton Internet Security 2003
ISP: PlusNet

I am also relying on my ISP's webmail as I cannot download mail to Outlook 2003, despite the fact that I can send it. When I try to download mail I get the following error from Outlook: Receiving reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted .... The server responded: +OK 2891 octets to follow.' I suspect that this is related?

I've been searching the web for ages for a solution to this problem which has been happening for months. I am at the stage of re-installing my PC from scratch but am reluctant to do this as I have not done this before. If this is the next step, can anyone recommend some good step by step instructions on doing this (eg: on reformatting and repartitioning the hard disk) and a troubleshooting guide if things go wrong?


  ACOLYTE 23:51 28 Dec 04

click here might help with the outlook error.

  Igneous 01:37 29 Dec 04

Thanks Acolyte. I've checked my firewall settings and have reinstalled IE6. Unfortunately, I still have the problem. I'll try reinstalling Outlook tomorrow as it's getting late and work beckons.

Note that I have two threads running as I had the same problem when posting my original message. IE froze so I resent the message only to find that it had made it the first time around. I am therefore going to close this thread.

  Igneous 00:30 13 Jan 05

See thread with same title for resolution.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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