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  jim2001 31 May 11

hi, yes this ''web browser choice'' pop up window is still causing headaches!!

along with ''install shield'' update manager. I have searched the web,and also checked the relevant pages in PC Advisor. I have followed much of the advice re edditing the registry,disabeling ''browser choice'' in ms config,dissabeling it by 'right clicking'on the browser choice window and trying to dissable it from there-with no luck.Recently installed ''SOLUTO'' in the hope of stopping it running at start up,again with no luck.

I am running a home built pc with windows 7 ultimate-64 bit OS.

Any new advice would be welcome.



  wiz-king 31 May 11

I have found that it goes away when you choose a browser - as it's meant to - I have had it on all my machines (20 or so) and it has always gone away.

PS You don't have to use the browser you choose, if you want on thats not on the list the install it afterwards.

  jim2001 31 May 11

hi wiz-king,

thanks for the speedy reply.

have tried that and downloaded a few browsers like 'chrome' and 'Firefox' but still get these persistent pop ups re:web browser choice.

if it continues lang enough i will as a last recourse re install win-7,but hate to do so as it would be admitting defeat! there should be a way around this persistent problem.

I have searched the web, including microsoft for solutions, tried any reasonable ones but to no avail.


  woodchip 31 May 11

best way is not to load it in the first place by setting updates to manual

  retep888™ 31 May 11

It'll still come back even after you reinstalling Windows if you set your Window Update to Auto and don't have the option to deselect Browser Choice Update (KB976002).

You can try some Registry Edit methods from the net How to Block/Disable Browser Choice Update Screen on Windows

1]: http://www.mytechguide.org/2010/03/08/how to disable browser choice update screen on windows & [How To Use Group Policy Management Console to Disable Browser Choice

However if you're like me don't like any unwanted files or programs lurking inside your Windows then navigate to your system 32 folder & locate the Browser Choice (please make sure it's the Browser Choice not Browser.dll) then run this Take Ownership of a File or Folder and delete the Browser Choice folder, the desktop icon can be deleted afterwards.

*VERY IMPORTANT* Please back up all your files & set a system restore point or best of all ,use Win7 built-in or your own third party Image Backup Program to create an Image before doing any Registry Editing.

  retep888™ 31 May 11

The 2nd link Click here


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