We may see some thunderstorms

  Forum Editor 00:37 21 Jul 06

on Friday night/Saturday morning - at least in the South-East - so be vigilant. Each year we tend to see at least one thread about computer equipment being damaged by lightning strikes.

  umbongo(uk) 00:46 21 Jul 06

thts why they should all invest in surge protection mr ed for a £8.00 itll save £500 quids worth of pain n heart ache

  sean-278262 00:52 21 Jul 06

Yea may save heart ache but when the flaming things trip the entire house off because it is fried and takes you 2 weeks to work out what the hell is doing the tripping that drove me mad of late. Worked out the computers power had been blown and it was tripping us out.

But it pays to be vigalent. Most PCs these days seem to have them provided if you ask nice enough at the store. As a thrown in extra.


  wolfie3000 01:21 21 Jul 06

Thanks for the heads up FE I should be ok as im in the south west and have protecion but its always wise to turn off and unplug just in case.

  exdragon 07:40 21 Jul 06

... FE, did you ever get round to reviewing the new Belkin device you mentioned in your blog of November last year?

Err, this is just a general enquiry as I don't know if I missed it,it's not a demand as to why you haven't done it!

  WXMAN 08:52 21 Jul 06

Hi, go to click here for info

  Graham ® 09:29 21 Jul 06

Shall I hold off from buying a sprinkler, then? I've got one somewhere, just so long since I last used it I can't find it.

  FatboySlim71 10:42 21 Jul 06

I personally disconnect the pc complete from the electric point and I also disconnect it from the telephone socket as well. I would sooner do this in case the surge protector doesnt do its job correctly.

  rmcqua 10:50 21 Jul 06

In the days when dial-up modems ruled the earth, "fried" modems due to strikes on telephone lines used to be the major cause of failure, despite the fact that any modem worth buying incorporated surge arrestors between both network connections and earth. I used to work with modem manufacturers who produced for worldwide markets, and this was one of their chief design headaches (Australia seemed to present particluar problems, maybe due to regulatory requirements there).

  anchor 16:23 21 Jul 06

Curiously the risk of thunderstorms seems very patchy, (at least according to the Met office site.

click here

Central London is at risk, but Heathrow, (which is about 15 mls to the west), is not. Anyway, I will be taking precautions just in case.

The garden will certainly welcome any rain.

  Smiler 16:39 21 Jul 06

Nothing at the moment

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